Rising to the challenge of 2020

We have changed our experience of the vast Australian geography. Our place has become smaller, more accessible, and better connected. 

Unable to deliver face to face in regional towns, we have embraced the best technology offers, allowing us to work across Victoria throughout 2020 [without the need for a road trip!]. We’ve missed seeing friends, community and sharing a cuppa, but have met many new and wonderful people online, all doing great work for the benefit of their communities.
20+ new Councils and visionary organisations have been welcomed as partners in our upcoming programs. This has enabled us to grow our work, providing more free and practical support for people, organisations and local leaders in creative and community sectors, across multiple towns and regions. 

New Opportunities


Professional development to support artists and creatives. Being delivered again from December 2020, this time for  eight Shires in Eastern Victoria!

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Let’s Pivot

Inspiration and support for community groups, changemakers, and leaders who are adapting to the current times. It is in full swing up to and including March 2020, with 230+ signed up so far!

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10/10 Youth Mentoring

Support for young people who are our window to the future. Growing their individual or community impact with training, resources and provision of a local mentor. Starts December 2020.

We understand the infinite value of the 1000s of local organisations we connect with, who are vital to the health and well-being of regional communities, environment and the future.

This is what spurs us on to keep going. Thank you for your continued involvement, contribution and support.

Jumpleads NFP is a social enterprise that “jump-starts” arts and community initiatives to change cultures and invigorate communities for a better future. Includes Make a Change and Pop Up Art programs. 
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